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Food Matching Rubs

At the Smokey Q kitchen labs, we test, we taste, and we season to perfection. As experts in the realm of culinary delights, we've discovered that the magic of a meal often lies in the pairing of our specially crafted rubs with the right foods. It's not as simple as sprinkling spice on your steak, it's about orchestrating a symphony of flavours that dance on your palate. So, are you ready to embark on a journey that will take your barbecue skills to a whole new level? Hold onto your apron strings, we're about to revolutionise the way you season your meals.

Key Takeaways

  • Smokey Q offers a variety of BBQ rubs, praised for their chunky size and bold flavours, to match different food preferences.
  • The BBQ rubs can be used in various dishes, with popular choices being the Chicken BBQ Rub and Beef BBQ Rub.
  • The rubs are crafted by Chef Paul Lange through extensive experimentation and quality testing, ensuring superior taste and quality.
  • Smokey Q's rubs are versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes available on the platform, enhancing the BBQ experience.
  • Check out our new Food Pairing Menu https://www.smokeyq.com.au/collections/food-matching.


Diving straight into the holy grail, yes it's the brisket, the king of the low and slow. Smokey Q offers a versatile product that's perfect for enhancing this mouth-watering cut of beef with its unique blend of flavours and hand-blended activated charcoal.

Smokey Q's Smokin’ Guns Charcoal Rub is a blend of natural Australian ingredients, including activated charcoal from coconut husks, brown sugar, chilli, and smoked paprika. It's vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and doesn't contain MSG. Use it to create a crispy black outer crust on your brisket that's seductively smokey and full of flavour. It's not just about the Charcoal in the Rub, though that's a significant part of the equation. Smokey Q has a range of products on our website designed to take your brisket from ordinary to extraordinary. If you are looking for a bit more kick, our smokey chipotle seasoning is a must-try.

At Smokey Q, we're all about providing quality products that make your BBQ creations sing.


When it comes to beef short ribs, our Beef BBQ Rub truly shines, transforming this rich, meaty cut into a tantalising feast for the senses. This flavourful rub, packed with bold, savoury notes, elevates the taste of the smoked beef short ribs, enhancing its natural flavours and adding an irresistible barbecue spice blend to each juicy bite.

Our beef BBQ rub isn't just any of your regular meat rubs. It's a handcrafted blend of spices designed to complement and highlight the rich, beefy taste of the short ribs. The robust flavour profile of this rub, combined with the slow-cooked, smokey goodness of the ribs, results in a culinary masterpiece that's hard to resist.

What's more, our Beef BBQ Rub contains less sugar than traditional BBQ sauces, ensuring that the true flavours of the meat shine through without being overpowered by sweetness. Simply apply the rub generously, allowing the ribs to marinate and absorb the flavours before cooking. The result? Smoked beef short ribs that are wonderfully tender, deliciously seasoned, and bursting with a rich, smokey barbecue flavour that'll have you coming back for more.


Just as our Beef BBQ Rub works wonders on short ribs, our SPG Blend is the perfect companion for a mouthwatering steak. This blend, made of premium Australian sea salt, garlic, and Szechwan pepper, is one of the finest meat rubs Australia has to offer.

Let's delve into why our SPG blend is a game-changer for your steak:

  1. Flavour Profile: The SPG blend creates a robust and subtle flavour profile that elevates the natural taste of the steak. The blend of sea salt, garlic, and Szechwan pepper adds depth and complexity to the steak, enhancing its flavour.
  2. Versatility: It's not just steak that benefits from this blend. It's a versatile spice rub that works well on various meats and even vegetables.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Our customers love the chunky flakes and the flavour enhancement they bring to their dishes. It's a staple in their kitchens, and they highly recommend it.
  4. Quality: As always, we're committed to delivering top-quality BBQ rubs. Our SPG blend is no exception.


Let's turn our attention to the star of the show, Smokey Q's Chicken BBQ Rub, a versatile seasoning that adds a burst of flavour to your poultry dishes. This chicken BBQ rub, made in the heart of BBQ rubs Perth, balances zesty sumac notes with fragrant kaffir lime flavours, rendering it ideal for white meats like chicken and duck. Yet, its versatility doesn't stop there, did you know it also enhances the flavour of beef, pork, and fish?

The application is straightforward - just generously sprinkle and massage the meat spice rub into your choice of meat, then refrigerate for optimal flavour absorption. Whether you're grilling or barbecuing, this rub adds depth to your dishes and is a standout among BBQ rubs Australia offers.

Smokey Q's Chicken BBQ Rub is not only flavourful but also mindful. It's vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and contains no MSG or fillers, only 100% natural ingredients. Plus, it's Australian-owned and made.


Continuing our flavourful journey we turn to lamb, a meat that pairs exceptionally well with Smokey Q's Fierce Bull Coffee Rub. This unique blend, one of the finest meat rubs Perth has to offer, complements the rich and distinctive flavour of lamb, enhancing it with a bold coffee twist.

  1. BBQ Rub Seasoning: The Fierce Bull Coffee Rub isn't your average BBQ spice rub. This blend, with ground coffee beans from Gesha Coffee Co., promises to elevate your lamb dishes to new heights. It creates a dark coffee crust after grilling, locking in flavours and adding a visually appealing finish.
  2. BBQ Spices: Smokey Q's Fierce Bull Coffee Rub is a testament to the versatility of BBQ spices. It's not just for beef and chicken - it works wonders on lamb too!
  3. BBQ Chicken Rub: While we know our Fierce Bull Coffee Rub shines as a BBQ chicken rub, don't hesitate to try it on lamb. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the results!
  4. BBQ Spice Rub: This blend is low in carbohydrates and saturated fat, making it a healthier choice for your BBQ spice rub needs. It's the perfect way to add some bold, savoury flavours to your lamb dishes.


Diving into the depths of flavour, our journey brings us to seafood, a culinary category that is beautifully enhanced by Smokey Q's Zesty Sea Salt Blend. This unique blend, meticulously crafted from native Australian lemon myrtle, chilli, garlic, pepper, sea salt, and lemon zest, has an impressive capacity to transform seafood dishes into gourmet experiences. The lemon myrtle imparts a citrusy, fresh flavour that complements seafood perfectly.

A fantastic accompaniment to grilled fish, it's no surprise our customers rave about the depth of flavour it brings. One particularly praised its use of tempura battered barramundi, exclaiming 'Fish has never tasted so good.' Indeed, the Zesty Sea Salt Blend creates a taste sensation that's both fragrant and zesty, elevating the humble grilled fish to an entirely new level.

What makes this blend even more remarkable is its versatility. Beyond seafood, it's a great addition to meats and veggies, enhancing their flavours and making them shine. It's not just a condiment, it's a culinary tool that adds a fine dining flavour with a simple pinch. So whether you're a seafood lover or just a flavour enthusiast, this blend is a must-have for your pantry.


Savour the succulence of pork ribs as we introduce Smokey Q's Sweet Hog Honey & Bacon Rub, a game-changer in the world of BBQs. This BBQ rub is crafted with natural ingredients and the delightful combination of honey and bacon results in a deep, rich, and sweet rub perfect for your pork ribs.

This irresistible honey bacon rub provides a golden seasoning that transcends beyond pork ribs. It's also gluten-free, which is a huge plus for those with dietary restrictions.

Now, let's engage with these four noteworthy features:

  1. Versatility: It's not just for pork ribs, it's exceptional on veggies, roast potatoes, and even popcorn.
  2. Quality: It's made from 100% natural ingredients, no MSG or fillers.
  3. Simplicity: Simply sprinkle generously on meat, let it sit for 30 minutes, then cook or grill to perfection.
  4. Accessibility: This Australian-made, and owned product is available in various sizes.

Trust us, once you've tried Smokey Q's Sweet Hog Honey & Bacon Rub, your BBQs will never be the same.

To sweeten the deal, consider pairing your Smokey Q's Sweet Hog Honey & Bacon Rub enhanced dishes with Smokey Q's smoked honey, another star product from the range. Its unique taste complements the rub's zesty and fragrant flavours, taking your BBQ experience to the next level.

It's time to elevate your BBQ game.


From pork ribs, let's now turn our attention to another BBQ Favorite - the Tomahawk. This impressive cut of beef requires a special touch, and the right BBQ rub can elevate its flavour to new heights.

Our Original Beef BBQ Rub is an excellent choice for this cut. It's crafted with a unique blend of ingredients, giving it a rich and deep flavour profile that truly complements the meat. This rub is less sweet than traditional BBQ sauces, allowing the natural flavours of the beef to shine through.

When it comes to cooking the Tomahawk, offset with lump charcoal is the way to go with a reverse sear at the end. This method allows the meat to absorb all the flavours of the rub and results in a tender, succulent beef that's a delight to eat. Before you start cooking, be generous with the rub and let the beef sit for at least 30 minutes. This will ensure that every bite is packed with flavour.


Let's pull the lid off another Smokey Q Favorite - the Pulled Pork, which takes on a whole new level of deliciousness when seasoned with our Sweet Hog Honey & Bacon Rub. This BBQ rub infuses the meat with a divine sweetness, balanced by a smokey bacon flavour that'll have your taste buds dancing.

  1. Ingredients: This bacon rub is made with real, natural ingredients, including honey powder and natural bacon flavour. It's gluten-free, making it suitable for all food lovers.
  2. Usage: Ideal for pork ribs, it's not just a meat seasoning. Try it on roast potatoes or even popcorn - it's that versatile!
  3. Instructions: Simply sprinkle generously on your meat, let it absorb the flavours for about 30 minutes, then grill to perfection. Watch as it develops a beautiful golden glaze.
  4. Why Choose: This Australian-made rub is MSG-free and has no fillers - just pure, mouthwatering flavour.

Once you pulled the pork consider pairing your Bull’s head BBQ sauce! Derived from tamarind and with a hint of vinegar, with perfectly balanced sweet and tangy notes we’ve created a rich flavour that we are proud to call our own.


Moving on from our flavourful pulled pork rub, we can't ignore the magic a pinch of our Truffle Salt brings to a classic pasta dish. This luxurious ingredient provides a flavour enhancement that takes your pasta from ordinary to gourmet. It's not just about adding saltiness, it's about introducing a unique, earthy taste that brings out the best in your food.

Our Truffle Salt is a versatile addition to your pantry, just as suitable for steaks, potatoes, and fries as it is for pasta. It's made with local WA truffles and Australian sea salt flakes, ensuring you get a product of the highest quality.

Imagine a steaming plate of spaghetti, laced with a silky sauce, and finished with a sprinkle of our Truffle Salt. The salt reacts with the heat, releasing its intoxicating aroma and infusing the pasta with its rich flavour. This gourmet touch doesn't require any culinary expertise, just a love for good food.

We believe that every dish deserves to taste its best, and with our Truffle Salt, you have a simple, yet powerful tool to enhance your meals, making every bite an experience to savour.


Ever wondered how to get that perfect, crispy pork belly with a rich, smokey flavour? Well, we have some mouthwatering tips for you, using a meat dry rub that's a game-changer.

We're talking about the spicy BBQ rub from the renowned BBQ Rub Australia range. This BBQ spice blend is packed with flavours that will make your pork belly irresistibly delicious and impressively crispy. Here's a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. First, score the skin of your pork belly. This allows the rub to penetrate deeper into the meat, enhancing the flavour.
  2. Next, apply a generous amount of the spicy BBQ rub all over the pork belly. Don't be shy, the more, the merrier.
  3. Let the meat rest for a bit. This allows the flavours to soak in, giving your pork belly a rich, deep taste.
  4. Finally, cook your pork belly slowly on low heat. This ensures that the meat is tender and juicy, while the skin gets that perfect crispiness.

That's it! Now you know how to get that perfect pork belly every time. Enjoy your cooking adventure with our BBQ Rub Australia range!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Unique Ways to Use Smokey Q Rubs in Vegetarian or Vegan Dishes?

We've found our rubs add a smokey kick to grilled veggies and tofu. Try dusting eggplant slices with our Beef BBQ Rub before roasting or sprinkling our Chicken BBQ Rub over popcorn for a savoury treat.

Can Smokey Q Rubs Be Used in Baking, and if So, What Are Some Recommended Recipes?

Absolutely, we can use Smokey Q rubs in baking. They're fantastic in savoury baked dishes. A Favorite is our veggie-packed BBQ Rub Quiche. It adds a smokey, savoury punch that elevates the dish.

How Can I Use Smokey Q Rubs to Enhance the Flavour of My Homemade Soups and Stews?

We're thrilled you're exploring Smokey Q rubs for your homemade soups and stews! Try adding our Beef BBQ Rub to a hearty beef stew or Chicken BBQ Rub in a comforting chicken soup for an extra flavour kick.

Are There Any Smokey Q Rubs That Are Particularly Well-Suited to Breakfast Dishes?

Absolutely, we've got Smokey Q rubs perfect for breakfast dishes. Our rubs can add a delightful twist to scrambled eggs, bacon, or even your morning toast. They'll certainly spice up your breakfast routine.

What Are Some Non-Traditional or Unexpected Food Pairings That Work Well With Smokey Q Rubs?

We've found our rubs to be incredibly versatile. They pair well with popcorn for a spicy twist or even mixed into a Bloody Mary for an unexpected, savoury kick. It's all about experimenting with flavours.


Well, folks, this is it - the end of our flavourful journey together. Make sure you take a look at our new food pairing menu https://www.smokeyq.com.au/collections/food-matching

We've traversed the smokey depths of brisket, soared high with chicken, and even danced a tango with pasta. So, next time you're in the kitchen, wielding our rubs like a seasoned maestro, remember it's not just about the food, it's about the symphony of flavours. And trust us, once you've experienced this culinary concert, there's no going back to plain old salt and pepper.