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BBQ Bundles & Gift Packs

Be prepared for any BBQ situation with our versatile, multi-flavoured and great value BBQ Bundles: Rubs, sauces, spices – the works.

After the best meat rub gift set in Australia? Or a salt-blend seasoning gift pack with the perfect seasoning ratio? Or simply just want the best BBQ rubs and sauces? Smokey Q has you covered.

Our bundles and variety packs contain the finest selection of BBQ dry rubs, spices, salt-blends, and sauces in convenient sets. They're ideal gift packs for the cooking and grilling connoisseur in your life, or for treating yourself and bolstering your personal pantry set-up.

All our rubs, sauces, and salt-blends are completely gluten free, contain no MSG, and are made of entirely natural ingredients.

Spice up your BBQ meats, veggies, and kitchen creations with our variety of high quality, amazing tasting rubs, spices, and sauces; bundled together for your convenience.

Simply sprinkle, massage, grill, and enjoy.

BBQ Bundles & Gift Packs - SmokeyQ
Ultimate Moonshine BBQ Pack

1 review
Ultimate BBQ Pack

3 reviews
Save 4%
Mr Q BBQ Bundle

3 reviews
£65.00 £68.00
Save 5%
Heat Seekers BBQ Pack

1 review
£42.00 £44.00
Summer BBQ Pack

1 review
Save 3%
Mr Q & Mofo Bundle
£37.00 £38.00
Salt Quartet

3 reviews
Save 19%
The Starter Q

3 reviews
£26.00 £32.00
Save 4%
Save 5%
Salt Blend Trio Pack - SPG, Chilli & Zesty

5 reviews
£20.00 £21.00

BBQ Bundles & Gift Packs

Containing the best BBQ dry rubs, finest salt blends, and most flavoursome sauces & glazes, Smokey Q's bundles are an easy and efficient way to bolster your pantry stocks with the best seasonings, sauces and flavours in Australia. They also make the best gift packs for cooking lovers, showing them how thoughtful you are (and hopefully convincing them to invite you round for a BBQ).
Whether its the best barbecue rubs, seasonings, salt-blends, or a combination of them all, Smokey Q has you sorted with the best bbq gift box, basket or gift set - for yourself or someone else. One of these bundles is sure to make the best gift to get for a BBQ enthusiast, be it you or anyone you love enough to give one away to. A BBQ spice rub gift set is the way to go. We even throw in a few extra sauces.
If you've ever asked yourself "what should I bring to a BBQ?", look no further than a Smokey Q BBQ Bundle. Shop online for convenient delivery to your door, and start crafting up the best bbq meats, flavours and sensations from home. You'll be prepared for any barbecue gathering or event for all of time.
These variety packs contain the best of the Smokey Q world, meaning you won't miss out on any of our chef-designed, perfectly balanced flavours.