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Based on 298 reviews
Flavour Flavour Flavour

I have used these products before. Each of them add great flavour to most foods. I use them on meat as well as vegetables.

Pantry Pack Rubs
Christopher Davies
So good!

Really enjoying these rubs so far. I have a few to still get to, but you can't go wrong with any of them!

Leon Thomas
Amazing 🤩

I cannot recommend this BBQ bundle enough! The Beef and Chicken rubs are packed full of flavor and really take your meats to the next level. The BBQ sauce and honey are so delicious, I find myself wanting to put them on everything. Having people over for roast nights has become a regular occurrence now, thanks to this amazing bundle.

The variety of flavors in this bundle is truly impressive. The sauces and glazes are top-notch and add the perfect finishing touch to any dish. And the two beers included are the cherry on top of the whole package.

Whether you're buying this bundle as a gift for a BBQ lover or for yourself, you will not be disappointed. It's a great way to elevate your BBQ game and impress your guests. I will definitely be purchasing this bundle again in the future.

Ghost Chilli Rub - Pouch
John Bainbridge
Ghost Chilli Rub

Great product shame you don't sell it in the shakers

Excellent product

Perfect on chicken beautiful flavour profile highly recommend

Excellent product

Steps up your salt game perfect on steak for a flavour profile that is perfectly matched

Excellent product

Amazing flavour highly recommend

Absolutely brilliant bbq saice

This is an absolutely brilliant bbq sauce. It’s a shame you can’t get it in a bigger size. In a family of 10 this don’t last long at all as everyone loves it.

Amazing Honey.

Love burnt Beez Honey. We always pair it with blue cheese on a cheese platter it's so delicious but also amazing as pork glaze. The combinations are endless.

10/10 Highly Addictive Sauce 😋

So yummy, I highly recommend we use it on chicken wings, burgers, & dipping sauce for nuggets 💯👌🏼❤️

Wicked hot sauce

Hot as the description suggests, grow hair on your chest 😆. A little goes along way

Spicey n bold

Best salt blend ever

Best salt blend ever

10/10 The best Bbq Sauce Omg 😋

10/10 perfection 🥰🥰🥰

Delicious Salt

Absolutely love this product. I put it on some grilled chicken with Lime the other night. They all loved it and now I feel there are going to be at least another 6 orders from that Dinner Party. I have also received great feedback from friends who received this salt as a Christmas gift from my husband and I.

Rib Rub
Delicious, Flavoursome, & Yummy Dry Rub! 10/10

I highly recommend the Rib Rub,
I marinated a whole rack of pork ribs overnight & cooked them in the oven, the ribs turned out beautiful & incredibly tender!

Delicious, Flavoursome, & Yummy Dry Rub! 10/10

Highly recommend the Chicken Bbq Rub,
I marinated chicken wings overnight & cooked them in the oven, the chicken wings turned out tender, skin was crispy & delicious!

Delicious, Flavoursome, & Yummy Dry Rub! 10/10

I highly recommend the Honey Bacon Rub,
I marinated a whole chicken overnight & cooked it in the airfryer, the chicken turned out great with a nice colour also.

Original Barbecue Rub
Brenden Lucht
Love it

very well balanced and rounded rub, good for all proteins. great flavor with depth.

different but good

lovely blend of sriracha, honey and a hoisin- Chinese five spicy type flavor . thoroughly enjoyed the sauce.

Sweet, Smokey It's Simply The Best!

This honey has its own character of flavour, it's so yummy, it enhances every meal I cook, I love putting it my chicken wings soo good! 10/10 thankyou Smokey Q for selling an incredible product. 👏

Delicious 10/10

I am very impressed with this Truffle salt, its quiet generous with the truffle & you can taste the quality of the salt flakes, such a very good seasoning I add it to everything including on my tomato & cheese vitawheat biscuits 😋 it's super versatile at first it smells very potent when you open the jar, but when cooking the flavour is more subtle it's perfect 10/10 👌🏼

10/10 Addictive Tasty Hot Jalepeño Sauce

This sauce is amazing already on my 2nd bottle, it compliments every meal, lovely flavour, great amount of heat, one thing I've noticed about this sauce compared to others I've tried over the years, for a Jalepeño hot sauce doesn't have the curry spice flavour to it. My personal experience it so yummy! Give it a try for yourself you won't be disappointed 😊

Yum yum

They add amazing taste to the meal and are great value for money. Really happy with the purchase

Smokey Cupim with Cassava skewers - SmokeyQ

Smokey Cupim with Cassava skewers

Cupim, a true delicacy in South America, originating from the Zebu beef, you have to taste this.The bump located on top of the shovel is characterized by its marbling, texture and full taste.

Chicken Thigh Meat Loaf - SmokeyQ

Chicken Thigh Meat Loaf

Smoked Cream Cheese - SmokeyQ

Smoked Cream Cheese

This delicious cherry wood smoked Cream cheese was a perfect starter for a cozy and flavourful dinner.