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Salt Blends

Seasoning is absolutely essential to cooking mouth-watering food, and at Smokey Q, we believe great seasoning should be made simple. Meticulously crafted using the finest all natural sea salt flakes and ingredients, our salt blends turn ordinary food into extraordinary meals with literally just a pinch.

More than just your standard salt and pepper shakers, a high quality salt blend turns bland into brilliant. It’s your secret seasoning weapon that effortlessly upgrades ordinary food into extraordinary meals. No weird tricks. No strange ingredients. Just a simple sprinkle of seriously good seasoning.

Whether it's the SPG triple threat of hand blended salt, pepper, and garlic, the spicy kick of the Chilli blend, or the lemon myrtle twist of the Zesty blend, Smokey Q’s elite salt blends make sensational seasoning simple.

Everyone knows great taste is all in the seasoning. Make sure you’re equipped with the good stuff today.

Salt Blends - SmokeyQ
Zesty Sea Salt Blend - 150 g

7 reviews
Chilli Sea Salt Blend - 150g

5 reviews
Salt Pepper Garlic (SPG) - 150g

16 reviews
Save 13%
Truffle Salt -150g

10 reviews
£14.00 £16.00
Save 5%
Salt Blend Trio Pack - SPG, Chilli & Zesty

5 reviews
£20.00 £21.00
Salt Quartet

3 reviews