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BBQ Rub Recipe

We've been on a quest to master the perfect BBQ rub, and now we're thrilled to share our secret recipe with you. Our blend of spices will transform your meats into a smoky delight, infusing every bite with robust flavour. Join us as we dive into the art of the rub, and let's make your next BBQ unforgettable. It's time to add some serious zest to your grilling game—let's get started! 

BBQ Rub Recipe

Key Takeaways 

  • Smokey Q is a Western Australian company that aims to inspire chefs by using the finest Australian ingredients to bring out the best flavours in BBQ meat. 
  • Their products are hand-blended, gluten-free, and free from MSG, artificial ingredients, preservatives, or fillers. 
  • The founder, Paul, was inspired by the flavours of Southern-State American BBQ during his honeymoon in Vietnam and started Smokey Q after experimenting with different flavour profiles. 
  • Smokey Q has grown from initially launching 5 products to now offering over 25 dry rubs, salt blends, sauces, and more. 

Best BBQ Rub 

While we've explored a variety of BBQ rubs, it's clear that the best ones strike a perfect balance between sweet, spicy, salty, and savoury notes. Our best BBQ rub in Australia embodies this harmony. We've nailed it with our Smokey Q beef rub, rib rub, and BBQ chicken rub, each bursting with Smokey Q seasonings. They're the robust heart of BBQ rubs Down Under. 

Smokey Q Owner Paul

Balancing Sweet and Savory 

At Smokey Q, we've discovered that a successful BBQ rub needs a careful mix of sweet and savoury elements to truly enhance the flavours of the meat. Below we’ve listed our favourite Smokey Q, Sweet, Savoury and choice proteins: 



Different Protein’s 

Smoked Honey 

SPG Salt Blend 

Thor's Hammer 

Bull Head BBQ Sauce 

Fierce Bull Coffee Rub 


Honey & Bacon Rub 

Smokin’ Guns Charcoal Rub 

Boston Butt 

Finding the right balance leads us straight to the importance of salt. 

The Importance of Salt 

In creating our BBQ rub recipe, we recognise that the right amount of salt is crucial for bringing out the natural flavours of the meat. Salt's magic transforms BBQ sessions into a feast for the senses. It's the backbone of our BBQ rub, enhancing every other spice we toss in. Now, let's dive into customising this savoury concoction for various meats. 

Customising for Meat Types 

Considering the unique textures and flavours of different meats, we're tailoring our BBQ rub to complement each variety perfectly. For beef's boldness, we've got a hearty, peppery batch. Poultry? A herby, citrus-infused mix lifts it right up. And for pork's sweet tenderness, a touch of brown sugar and a whisper of heat. Each rub is crafted to elevate, not overpower, the natural goodness of the meat. 

Rub Preparation and Storage 

Every BBQ rub we make has its unique blend of spices and requires proper preparation and storage to maintain its peak flavour and freshness. We meticulously mix our spices in batches to ensure consistency. Once ready, we store them in airtight containers, away from heat and light. This keeps our rubs bold and robust, ready to transform your next BBQ masterpiece. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Use a BBQ Rub on Vegetarian or Vegan Dishes, and if So, Which Vegetables or Plant-Based Proteins Work Best with These Flavours? 

We absolutely can sprinkle our BBQ rub on vegan dishes! Eggplants, portobello mushrooms, and tofu soak up those smokey flavours beautifully, making for a deliciously robust plant-based feast. 

Are There Any Health Benefits or Dietary Considerations to Be Aware of When Frequently Using BBQ Rubs in Cooking? 

We're mindful that frequent use of BBQ rubs can mean more salt and spice intake. It's important to balance them with other healthful ingredients to ensure a nutritious and delicious meal. 

How Can I Adjust BBQ Rub Recipes for Dietary Restrictions, Such as Low Sodium or Sugar-Free Diets? 

We've found that tweaking our BBQ rubs for dietary needs is simple. We'll reduce salt for low-sodium diets and swap in sugar alternatives for a sugar-free version, keeping the flavour bold and satisfying. 

What Are Some Unconventional Uses for BBQ Rubs Outside of Grilling and Smoking Meats? 

We've discovered that BBQ rubs can elevate popcorn, and roasted nuts, and even add a kick to Bloody Marys. They're not just for meats, they're versatile flavour powerhouses for all sorts of culinary adventures. 

Can BBQ Rubs Be Used in Conjunction with Marinades or Should They Be Used Independently for Optimal Flavour? 

We often mix BBQ rubs with marinades for a flavour-packed punch. It's about layering tastes, not choosing one over the other both methods can coexist to elevate the dish to mouthwatering perfection. 


We've laid out our secrets, now it's your turn to bring the magic to life. Massage our Smokey Q rub into your meats, let the flavours meld, and watch as your BBQ transforms into legend. Remember, in a recipe, balance is key, and a personal twist is encouraged. Store it right, and it'll be your flavour sidekick for grills to come. So, gather around the flames, mates, and let's make every bite a testament to the craft. Grill on!