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Exploring the Magic of Meat Rubs: What Makes Them Essential for Grilling?

Smokey Q are the best rubs for Australian BBQ. We have spent years perfecting our hand-blended rubs and seasonings, discovering the transformative power they hold over grilled meats. From our kitchen to yours, we will explore why these magic dusts are a griller's secret weapon, unveiling the essential role they play in enhancing flavour and texture. Let us dive into this Smokey journey together.

Key Takeaways

  • Smokey Q is an Australian company that aims to inspire chefs & home cooks with their high-quality Australian ingredients and flavourful BBQ rubs.
  • Our products are hand-blended and packaged, gluten-free, and free from MSG, artificial ingredients, preservatives, or fillers.
  • Being a chef the founder Paul, was inspired by the flavours of Southern State American BBQ and started Smokey Q after experimenting with these flavour profiles.
  • Smokey Q has grown from five products to over twenty-five dry rubs, salt blends, sauces, and more. They have received amazing reviews from head chefs all over Australia.

Best BBQ Rub

Smokey Qs has the best BBQ rubs in Australia, hand-blended and packed full of bold flavours that will bring out the best in your meat while grilling. No matter what you are cooking up on your BBQ, we have a meat rub that is perfect for it. Our secret? We only use the finest Aussie ingredients to create our unique blends.

We are not just about beef either. From pork to chicken, we have crafted specific meat rubs that Australia can’t get enough of! Our products are so easy to use, just sprinkle them onto your chosen cut of meat before grilling for an explosion of flavour with every bite.

Our mission has always been simple: To inspire the chef within everyone using our superior products, exceeding other BBQ rubs, or seasoning blends on the market. We believe that by doing this, we are bringing families together over delicious meals cooked with love and our mouthwatering meat rubs.

Meat Rubs Australia

In Australia, you will find a wide variety of seasonings for BBQ that can truly transform your cooking experience. We have spent countless hours perfecting our craft, experimenting with different blends to create the finest meat rubs in the region.

Our top three must-haves include:

  1. Smokey Q Beef Rub: This blend is packed full of bold, robust flavours. It is ideal for any cut of beef and is sure to impress at your next BBQ.
  2. Chicken BBQ Rub: Designed specifically for poultry, this rub adds an incredible depth of flavour to chicken that you will not forget.
  3. Ghost Chilli BBQ Rub: For those who like it hot! This blend brings a fiery kick to any meat type, adding an exciting twist to traditional BBQ fare.

These are not just ordinary seasonings, they are carefully crafted expressions of our passion for grilling and Australian cuisine. Each one tells a story and adds a unique character to every dish we create. They are not merely additions to the cooking process, they define it.

Meat Rubs

You will find that our seasonings are not just for enhancing flavour, they are the heart of every BBQ masterpiece you create. We have spent countless hours perfecting our blends, infusing them with a unique Australian twist. From our fiery Ghost Chilli rub to the rich Honey Bacon rub, we have a rub to suit every palate and meat type.

Smokey Q goal is to craft a culinary experience. Our authentic Aussie rubs transform simple meats into succulent dishes bursting with bold flavours. Rubs penetrate deep into the meat, locking in moisture and tenderising while grilling to perfection on your BBQ.

Popular Types of Meat Rubs for Grilling

There is a myriad of popular types for grilling, each adding its unique flavour and aroma to your BBQ experience. As experts in BBQ grilling with a deep understanding of Australian cuisine, we are well-versed in the magic that different meat rubs can bring to the table.

  1. Smokey Q Beef Rub: This is our star player. Infused with native Australian spices, this rub adds a rich, earthy flavour to beef cuts, enhancing their natural juices while giving them an irresistible crust.
  2. Smokey Q Chicken Rub: We've crafted a blend that gives poultry a zesty punch. The combination of herbs and spices keeps chicken moist and tender on the inside while creating a beautifully crispy skin.

We believe that every BBQ experience should be memorable, not just for the delicious food but for the joy it brings people together. With our expertise and passion poured into every bottle, we are confident these rubs will make your next BBQ truly exceptional.

Experimenting With Custom Meat Rubs: A Beginner's Guide

We have some tips to help beginners start experimenting with creating custom BBQ seasonings. As Aussie BBQ enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the thrill of grilling an exquisite piece of meat seasoned to perfection. The key is finding a balance of flavours that suits your palate and complements the meat you are grilling.

Start by selecting base spices that pair well with meat like paprika, black pepper, and garlic powder. Then add secondary spices for complexity such as cumin or coriander. Finally, choose a hint of heat like chili or cayenne pepper. Better still let Smokey Q do all the hard work for you so that you can take all the glory on your next cook.

Base Spices

Secondary Spices

Heat Element




Black Pepper



Garlic Powder

Mustard Powder



Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Story Behind the Creation of Smokey Q Meat Rubs?

We created Smokey Q after being inspired by Southern State American BBQ flavours. We experimented with various blends, aiming for premium quality and unique taste, leading to what we believe are Australia's best BBQ rubs, salts and sauces.

How Does Smokey Q Ensure the Quality of Its Products?

We are committed to quality at Smokey Q. We hand-blend and package our products, using only the finest Aussie ingredients. Our rubs are gluten-free with no MSG or artificial stuff - just pure, bold flavours for your BBQ.

What Are Some of the Awards and Recognitions That Smokey Q Has Received?

We are proud recipients of the prestigious Royal Food Awards, a competition that rewards excellence in WA's food and beverage industry. It is an honour to be recognised as a Grand Champion for our Cold Smoked Honey with Moonshine from Whipper Snapper Distillery.

What Are Some of the Best-Selling Products from Smokey Q?

We are proud of our best-sellers at Smokey Q. They include the Burnt Bees Smoked Honey, Chicken BBQ Rub, Beef BBQ Rub, and Bull's Head BBQ Sauce. Each product elevates your grilling to a whole new level.

How Does Smokey Q Support Local Australian Produce in Its Products?

We are staunch supporters of local Aussie produce. We incorporate the finest Australian ingredients in our rubs, ensuring bold flavours that enhance your grilling experience. It is part of our commitment to inspire every BBQ chef out there.


We have explored the magic of meat rubs and their essential role in grilling. Whether you are a fan of classic BBQ or keen to experiment with unique flavours, there is a rub out there for you. Remember, good grilling is all about balance - the right blend can elevate your dish to new heights. So go on, fire up that grill give that holy grail of a brisket with the charcoal rub a go and let Smokey Q take your BBQ experience from ordinary to extraordinary!