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Mates Crates Shout Out

Mates Crates: Smokey Q's Love for Supporting a Small WA Business

In the heart of Western Australia, nestled amidst the stunning beaches and thriving communities, lies a small business that has captured the essence of local entrepreneurship - Mates Crates. This boutique establishment has not only gained a loyal following but has also caught the attention of Smokey Q, an enthusiastic supporter of local enterprises.

Mates Crates: A Brief Overview

Mates Crates is a charming local business that embodies the true spirit of Australian community and craftsmanship. Established by sisters in law, Rebekah and Crystal, who share a passion for making gift giving a fun and memorable EXPERIENCE! The goal of giving a Mates Crate is to forge a memorable moment when the receiver has to crack into their wooden gift crate with the provided pry bar. Each crate includes high-quality, locally sourced products from all around Western Australia. Mates Crates specialises in creating unique gift boxes and hampers filled with delectable treats, artisanal products, and quality goods. Their dedication to supporting local businesses is evident in the carefully curated selection of items that make up each crate.

The Smokey Q Connection

Smokey Q, an avid supporter of local businesses and a connoisseur of barbecue and grilling, was approached by Mates Crates during their exploration of the local culinary scene. Instantly impressed by the quality and variety of items offered, Mates Crates became a regular patron and a staunch advocate for Smokey Q, including many of our BBQ rubs and sauces in their crate selections.

Supporting Local: A Shared Philosophy

Both Mates Crates and Smokey Q share a common belief in the importance of supporting local businesses. Smokey Q recognizes that small enterprises are the lifeblood of a community, contributing to its uniqueness and vitality. By sourcing products from Smokey Q, Mates Crates is not only enjoying exceptional goods but also actively participating in the growth and sustainability of a local business.

Moreover, supporting local enterprises promotes sustainability and reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods over long distances. It also ensures that the money spent circulates within the community, contributing to its economic development and prosperity.

The Delight of a Mates Crates Experience

For Smokey Q, receiving a Mates Crates gift box is a delightful experience. The carefully crafted and beautifully presented wooden boxes contain an array of culinary delights, from premium meats and tantalizing sauces to gourmet snacks and locally produced beverages. Each item is carefully selected, adding a personalized touch that resonates with Smokey Q's discerning taste.

Not only does Smokey Q relish the exceptional products within the crates, but also the joy of knowing that the purchase is contributing to the growth of a small business and supporting the local community.

Join the Movement

Mates Crates and Smokey Q together embody the essence of supporting small, local businesses. Their shared philosophy highlights the impact individuals can make by choosing to buy locally and celebrate the unique offerings of their communities.

If you find yourself in Western Australia, make sure to explore Mates Crates and experience the joy of supporting a small business while indulging in an array of delectable, locally sourced treats. Remember, every purchase counts in fostering a strong and vibrant community. Support local, support Mates Crates, and join the movement for a stronger, more sustainable future.